Purdue Volleyball Defeats Notre Dame

Purdue Defeats Notre Dame To Go 5-0 On The Season

Yesterday I really thought that we were in for a five set battle when Notre Dame came to town to play Purdue. Just based on the common opponent that they both played this weekend I thought that it would be a close tough match. Purdue came back to take the first set, and then took set two. After Notre Dame took set three Purdue finished them off in set four fairly easily. This was not the back and forth affair that I had hoped to see, but Purdue still was tested. More importantly they came away from that test with a win.

Focusing In

I took two cameras and two lenses to the match yesterday. I had a wide because you always seem to need a wide at some point. My main goal though was to shoot as much as I could with my 400mm lens. I have made some nice shots this season so far with it, but I don’t feel that I am as good as I can be with it. My over the net work really needed some fine tuning. I spent the better part of the first two sets working on that over the net shot until I was getting to where I was just making it. Next weekend I shoot a lot of volleyball so I wanted to make sure that I was dialed in before that gets here.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a weird week. I had some bug that zapped me early on starting on Monday. I was basically down until Thursday night for the football game. That was the first time that I had picked up a camera all week. That is not like me. I lost nine pounds in that span just from a head cold. That tells you just how bad I felt. The game Thursday was just what I needed though. I made some photos that I liked there, and I knew that I had a couple of chances to photograph volleyball over the weekend. You can see my full gallery of images from the week here.

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