Purdue Volleyball Defeats Oakland

Purdue Volleyball Defeats Oakland In Four Sets

Maybe I am crazy, but with a deep Big Ten slate coming up I want to see Purdue tested a little bit. They have had an easy run of the season so far so when they finally dropped a set I was a little pleased. A little adversity now will be something that helps down the road. Purdue came back after dropping the third set and had a pretty darn good fourth set to get the victory. These are the little moments that you hope will be something that the team can draw on when things are not going so well in the future.

In The Train

Photographing the team in the train is always an interesting thing. There is very little light, but that is what can make it a cool shot. I bounced a little light into the tunnel last night to try and make something interesting. When the team is wearing the white jerseys I think this shot works the best. Lucky for me they were wearing those whites last night.

Going Up High

Last week I did not feel that I was doing well up top with my 400mm lens. I just seemed a step slow. Last night I was better, but not exactly where I want to be if I am being honest. Today my gig fell through so I plan on heading back down to Holloway to work on getting the players tack sharp at f/2.8. I was much better last night, but I want to keep getting better. A little practice should help that happen.

Holloway Magic

I really enjoy shooting in Holloway. This is a cool little gym that can really get loud. There really is not a bad seat in the house. I hope that this afternoon with the Irish coming to town this place gets packed. A loud and rowdy Holloway is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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