A Lucky Sunset

Lucking Into A Cool Sunset

After the Purdue volleyball game Saturday night I packed up my gear and walked out to head home. When I saw the sky over Mackey Arena I quickly put everything down to get my stuff back out to make this photo. I had no tripod so I would have to try and stay as still as I could. Things worked out for me, and I was able to make a photo that I really liked. I just missed a really cool sky, but I will take the sky that I was able to see.

The New Canon Lens

I have really been enjoying my newer copy of the Canon 24-70mm lens. At some point I really stopped relying on the old version one of the lens as it was just too heavy to cart around. The new version is much lighter, and I like the way it makes starbursts. It has quickly gone into my rotation of lenses that I have to have on me.

The Week In Photos

This is a fun week in photos because it has college football in it. That always makes things a little better. For the next four weeks I will have college football in my weekly collection of my favorite photos. You can view my favorite photos from last week by clicking here. The is a pretty light week of photos as I spent the beginning of the week with some sort of a virus. I didn’t even pick up my camera until Thursday. I think that I made up for it on the weekend though.

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