Lafayette At Dusk

Watching The Sun Set Over Lafayette

When the blood moon was ready to come up over Lafayette I made my way downtown in time to catch the sunset too. I knew that it would cast a great light on the city, and I wanted to capture that. The light did not disappoint. It was so good in fact that I dialed it down a bit in post because it looked too fake. I love it when I have that problem.

Clean Your Sensor

I made this photo using my Canon 1DX camera. This is my primary sports camera, and I am constantly changing lenses on dusty fields with it. I rarely make shots like this with it, but when I left the house it was mounted to my 150-600mm lens so I thought why not? The dust spots were why not. I spent way too much time taking them out of a photo that was not that great to begin with. I usually do not notice the spots in my sports work so I don’t clean this sensor as much as I should. I need to fix that.

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