The Skies Clear At Sunset

The Skies Clear Just In Time For Sunset

Last night the skies cleared just in time to get the drone up to see the sun set. Just before I was going to head out to photograph the sunset last night the rain started. I thought it would pass through quickly, but I just stayed home with that in mind. Of course the skies cleared though just when the need to, and I was able to make a pretty cool panorama of the sky.

Using The Drone To Open Up The Possibilities

Where I live I am surrounded by trees. I really have no clear look in any direction. Since I have bought my drone I have found that I have been able to make many more photos because I can just fly up and make a photo instead of driving somewhere to find a view. This view directly behind my house has provided me with a couple of cool storm photos in the year and a half or so that I have had a drone.

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