Sunset Storms

The Best Camera Is The One That You Have With You

I have written this quite a bit on the blog because it is true. Last night we went out to eat, and then over to my in laws for their anniversary. You could see a storm brewing just before sunset, and I knew that I wanted to stop on the way to grab my camera. I did not though, and the storm really started looking good from their back porch. I pulled out my phone to make a picture. In a situation like this I always open up the ProCam app to make the picture. This allows me to make a RAW image. That extra data is key when it comes to editing the photo. This photo will never win an award, but it is a way that I could make a photo when I did not have a dSLR on me.

Sunsets and Storms

I love a good storm at sunset. Here the conditions could have been amazing, but it was still pretty cool. The low light combined with the lightning show was too good of a situation to pass up. As I write this almost a day before the conditions tonight look good for another good show during sunset. Time will tell if that will happen though. If it does you can bet that I will have my camera on me to document it.

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