Fireworks Over Purdue: Part Two

Finding A Great Spot To Watch Fireworks

Last year I thought that I had it all figured out when I went to Slayter Hill to watch the 4th of July fireworks. I did the calculations on where I thought that they fired off the fireworks, and I just knew I had a winning shot lined up. It turned out that I was way off. The problem with being way off on the 4th is that you have to wait a year to try and redeem yourself. I should have spent that year finding a new place to get the shot that I had in mind, but other things came up. It was not until yesterday afternoon that I started trying to see how I could get this shot. I took another wild guess based on what I knew last year, and I picked a hill on campus that might just work. The only problem was how I was going to get over there. Most of that area on campus is under construction. You just can’t drive to where I wanted to be. I snaked my way through all of the construction on the one road open to a spot where I could lug my gear up the hill. Everything ended up working out, and I made the pictures that I thought I would have made last year. Now the real goal will be finding a spot to photograph the fireworks next year.

Waiting For The Moment

When I first set my gear up I was about thirty feet away from where I ended up. I was in a lawn chair playing HQ for a while. Of course I did not win the big money so I started to study the smaller fireworks coming from across the river. Knowing what I knew from last year I moved that thirty feet to my left on a hunch. As it grew darker I started to doubt myself. I was looking for places to run to if I was wrong. I was running all of the scenarios through my mind. About five minutes before the show started I really began to doubt myself. Would this even work? When the first shell exploded over the bell tower I was ecstatic. I was playing some Metallica through my phone, and I started dancing a bit as I somehow got this thing right. I am sure that it was fun to see, but it was a relief that I made the right choice after about an hour of second guessing myself. That is photography in a nut shell.

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