The Purdue Football Performance Complex

Finally Photographing The Purdue Football Performance Complex

I have been around this complex for a while now. During basketball season my parking spot made it so I had to walk by it. I have made quick iPhone pictures of it, but never a somewhat thought out shoot. With the warm lights of the building is was a no brainer to photograph the building with the blue sky around sunset. This would probably be a great spot at blue hour, but I had another spot to be at that time so I made my photo a bit early. This is one of those photos where I would like to have a lift of some kind. It would allow me to be next to the black fence on the left and shoot down. When you are shooting for fun though renting a lift is usually not the most cost effective move.

David And David

While I was photographing the complex Purdue quarterback David Blough walked into my picture. David is one of those athletes that you just root for. He is the real deal as far as being a great guy. I have seen him interact with fans and kids, and he always leaves them happy. He is a great ambassador for the school. After what seemed like a busy day for the football team he took the time to talk to a nobody photographer. That says all you need to know about him.

The Week In Photos

Last week was another fun week. It was a fun week getting back to shooting some things that I neglect during the sports season. I made some shots that I am really proud of. Here are some of my favorite photos from the past week.

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