A Fountain Run With My dSLR

Taking The dSLR Into Loeb Fountain

A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo on the blog made with my GoPro. You can read about that photo here. I liked the GoPro result, but I was convinced that I could make a better photo with my dSLR. I waited until the wind was just right and made my way partially into the fountain. Of course for some reason I liked the GoPro photo much better. I think that with the rain cover on the GoPro I took much more time to compose those photos. This is still a fun photo though that reminds me of a fun summer afternoon.

Picking Your Tools

When I first started this photography thing it was easy to pick what gear to use. I had one camera and two lenses. None of the equipment was any good so it didn’t matter what I chose anyway. Come to think of it I was pretty bad as well. Now though I have multiple dSLR bodies and lenses. I have two GoPro’s and a drone. I have my phone and my point and shoot camera. All of these things can be options when going out to photograph something. At some point I need to think about my subject as much as I do what I am making the picture of the subject with. Every tool has its place though. If used correctly they help me tell the story the way that I envision it.

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