The Space Station Rises Over Ross Ade Stadium

Watching The Space Station Rise Over The Campus Of Purdue University

Two nights ago my phone vibrated telling me that a Space Station pass was happening. It was too low to see from my house, but it put a seed in my mind. Last night I looked up the passes for the next few days, and saw that I was about 40 minutes away from a really good one. I had an idea for the pass, but waited nearly too long to leave. When I did I had to get to my spot quickly. When I saw that most of the roads I needed to get to my spot were closed I realized that I was running out of time quickly. I made a quick decision and parked in front of Ross-Ade Stadium. I found a spot that looked like it would work, and had about five minutes to spare. It was a last minute decision, but the right one.

Planning For A Space Station Pass

My friend Trevor Mahlmann does a great job spending hours or even days planning these shots. I am more of a shoot what is in front of me type person. I lucked out I think that the Space Station was even in my shot. I knew the general direction that it was in, but it quickly flew out of my frame. I think that this summer I will try and plan these a little better. Maybe I can rent a room in Cary Quad to get a better shot from a higher vantage point.

Getting Out To Shoot In The Summer

On weeks like this one I have two kids during the day during the summer. When school is in session I have a couple of hours to myself to make images. In the summer my time to shoot for fun shrinks a lot. These late night shoots after everyone is in bed let me make some photos. Especially early in the summer I get twitchy because I am not shooting as much. As the summer goes on, and the vacations begin I relax a little more. Right now though I need nights like last night.

The New Look Of Ross-Ade Stadium

This was my first chance to see the new look of both ends of Ross-Ade Stadium. Taking emotion out of the equation this is a much needed upgrade to the stadium. For some reason though I liked the old look of the jumbotron. Of course this comes from the guy who thinks that County Stadium as far better than Miller Park. This area of campus is changing so fast as the sports stadiums get upgrades. I am glad that I made some aerial pictures last fall with the leaves before the changes happened. This place should be rocking in the fall as expectations on this team are higher than they have been for a long time. I need to find a way to get into the stadium at least once to keep my streak alive. Right now looking at the schedule that could be a tall task.

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