Fountain Runs At Purdue

Going For Our First Fountain Run Of The Year

Every year we take a few summer afternoons to head to the fountains at Purdue to run through them. Right now road and campus construction make it interesting to get to the Loeb Fountain. We snaked our way there though, and had a good time. It is fun watching how the kids react to the fountain every year. When I first started coming with the oldest she would run to the towel any time that her face got wet. Now she is staying under the main water fall for long periods of time. We had a blast, and we cooled off as well.

Using The GoPro

I really have not been using my GoPros lately. I am always thinking about how I should use them more, but then they just sit with my camera gear. I loaned one out to family for one of their trips, and it was out and in my mind before we left yesterday. It only made sense to take the GoPro to get shots that I wouldn’t dare use my dSLR for. This is not bad for a 12mp jpeg file.

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