Indianapolis Indians vs. Louisville Bats

Starting A Road Trip Off With A Game

I only made it one hour into my road trip before making a stop. I am a person who likes making good time while driving, but you can have a good time at Victory Field. I love these day games at the park so why not stop by and make some photos. I only planned on staying three innings, but I ended up staying six. I just like shooting in that park. I did eventually have to leave though. My next stop would be Fifth Third Field in Dayton, Ohio. I will talk more about that in tomorrow’s post though.

Shooting With The Canon 7D Mark II and the Tamron 150-600

For this game I decided to force myself into an experiment. Earlier in the week I used this same combination at the Celery Bog. I like the thought that it will effectively give me a 240-960mm lens. During the game I rarely was all the way out. In fact I found myself around 350-450mm most of the time. That roughly equates to a 560-720mm range. This just proves my theory that I need a 600mm lens. Most of the time I was happy with the results using this combination of lens and camera. At time though the focus still seemed a little slow. I think that I get my best results with this Tamron when I use my Canon 1DX with it.

Getting Up Close

I don’t go into game looking to make these photos. At some point though they just seem to happen. When you have a little extra lens it makes it easier to make these photos. I like getting up close to a game that isn’t always something that you can see up close. Here late in my stay at the game I just glanced over and saw that the player would be set against that white background. That would help him pop a little more so I made the photo. These photos will never win any awards, but they are fun to make.

A Dominant Day

Robert Stephenson’s day did not start off how he wanted it to. A leadoff home run can derail even the best pitchers. Stephenson just seemed to use that as fuel. He was straight up nasty after that. He ended up pitching six solid innings only giving up one other hit and striking out nine. I sat behind the plate for a while yesterday just watching his nasty stuff. It is fun to watch someone having that good of a day.

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