Xavier At The NCAA Tournament Media Day

Media Day For The NCAA Tournament

Media day is an interesting day. What other time would you be excited to photograph a press conference and a practice? When it is the day before the big dance starts it is something that is fun to photograph. I basically spent most of the time trying to find March Madness signage to put into my pictures. Tight action of the players is nice, but you can get that at any practice. This is the big stage so why not show it off?

Taking It Easy

This was a travel day for me so unlike my first year at the tournament I just shot my team today. Not a whole lot to be gained by shooting more than that. Today I plan on shooting at least parts of four games so why not take it easy on practice day? Sometimes by not focusing on the action so much you can find cool shots like this one above.

It’s All In The Details

In this age of social media I find that little detail shots like the one above can go a long way. They can be used for many different uses in addition to the photo gallery. I spent most of my day trying to find little things like this. Overall I don’t know why, but it seems like this arena was not as photogenic inside as I thought that it would be. They have hidden all of the banners in the ceiling making it kind of plain. I still may play around with some wide arena shots tomorrow. Why not?


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