Xavier Basketball Beats Texas Southern To Advance In The NCAA Tournament

Xavier Advances To Play Florida State On Sunday

Xavier took care of business last night, and beat Texas Southern to advance in the NCAA Tournament. When I booked my hotel for the weekend I did so with the thought that Xavier would win the first game. A number one seed has never lost to a sixteen seed so that was a safe bet. Right? Of course we all now know that it is possible as Virginia became the answer to a future trivia question last night. A win in this tournament is never guaranteed so I will take last night. The game against Florida State on Sunday will not be as easy. It should be a good game though.

Never Take It For Granted

On my way to the stadium it hit me just how lucky that I am. As I was leaving the hotel I ran into a couple that were fans of Texas. They couldn’t believe that someone would pay for photos from the tournament. That really got me thinking about just how far I have come in a short span of time. In 2010 I was sneaking cameras into the tournament to photograph my team. I would get so nervous for Purdue that I would disappear into the camera. It is a weird thing, but making photos calms me down. In 2011 I was allowed to take my camera into the United Center to photograph the Purdue games, but I had to buy a scalped ticket to get into the lower bowl. Now I am being paid to photograph the games from the floor. I am a lucky man. Life is good.

Film For The Win

I have been making my pregame and postgame photos black and white for a while now. Something about the lighting in the rooms makes it almost necessary. This year though I wanted to show the blue off at Indiana State so I started experimenting. Early in the season I came up with a preset for the locker rooms there. I also made a black and white version that I rarely use. I tweaked a fake film preset to get a look that I like. Here it seemed to work perfectly. Maybe I will shoot the entire game in black and white Sunday.

Tournament Emotion

The best part about the tournament is the emotion. I shot parts of all four games yesterday. The emotion was amazing all day long. Even when the Xavier game was out of hand I still managed to find some here. Emotion is what makes this all worthwhile. You can chimp and see a good action shot and get excited. When you do the same and find a sweet emotion shot it really is great. As this tournament goes on the stakes will get higher meaning more emotion to capture.

I Second That

My role here in Nashville is simple. I am the second shooter. My job is to get angles and photos that the University photographer cannot get. Sometimes like in the locker room after the game I found myself heading somewhere and then seeing the other guy headed the same way. When that happens I just find another subject. This is a freeing concept because I don’t have to get all of the action. I am free to take some chances. I could get used to shooting this way.

Obligatory Bill Murray Section

It was fun to hear the buzz about Bill Murray at halftime in the media center. Seasoned pros were just finding out that he was a Xavier fan then. I have watched the sport long enough to know some things. One of them is that this time of year the cameras will find Bill Murray in the stands when they can. Bill was up and active when the game was close, but then with the game in hand he spent some time with his grandkid. As a kid I remember watching the old condensed Saturday Night Live shows. I still sing his words to the Star Wars theme when I hear it. I could name off his great movies, but I don’t have that kind of time. It is fun to get paid to make pictures of him.


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