Top 18 Indiana State Men’s Basketball Photos From 2017-2018

My Favorite Eighteen Photos From the 2017-2018 Indiana State Basketball Season

It is really hard to believe that this season is over for Indiana State basketball. It really does not seem that long ago that they came to Purdue for the exhibition game. The game at Indiana to start the season also seems like just a couple of weeks ago. College basketball season used to seem like an eternity to me. This team made this season so much fun that I don’t want it to end. At the end of the year we said goodbye to four seniors. They will be hard to replace. The players coming back though have me very excited for next season. Until that can get here though here are my favorite 18 photos from the season that just finished.

18. We will start the countdown at the end of the season in St. Louis. At this point of the year we have good close ups of everyone so I decided to go wider for the game to show the atmosphere of the game. Here I liked how this worked out as Tyreke Key puts up a big three. This true freshman really came in and contributed this past year. It will be fun to watch him grow as a player. As a true frosh he hit many big time shots for the Sycamores.

17. Next year the Sycamores will rely heavily on Emondre Rickman now that Brandon Murphy is gone. Here he battles at Indiana to start the season.

16. Speaking of Big Murph here he is on senior day taking it all in one last time. He was truly fun to shoot for the last couple of years. This might be my favorite picture of him over my time covering the team.

15. This year I played with this tunnel concept quite a bit. I have a few favorites from the season, but here senior Demonte Ojinnaka gave me a pretty good look as he walked through. The lighting is crazy in the tunnel so I created a lightroom preset just for in here. I like the look it gives me. 

14. The lighting at the gym in Valpo was terrible. That was one shoot that I was not too happy with this year. One thing that I was happy with though was the play of walk on freshman Matt Deady. Matt really came in and sparked the team at times this past year. He here does just that at Valpo.

13. There was a slight tell just before Brandon Murphy would take his hook shot. I would see it coming and be ready for it. Here is my favorite photograph of that hook shot just as the ball is leaving his fingertips. That shot always looked great on camera.

12. I think that I could make a list of 18 shots from the season just including Jordan Barnes. Part of that reason is how much the ball is in his hands. The biggest part of that though is the type of player that he is. Last year at the tournament I made the observation that he was going to be really good. You could see him start to take over the team. This year he did just that. He is a fun player to watch, and I can’t wait to photograph him for two more seasons. Here he drives to the rim against Matt Haarms of Purdue. This was a fun game for me to shoot as I didn’t have too far to drive. If anyone out there making the schedule is reading this could you please get Indiana State at Purdue during the regular season next year? I like that short commute to make photos.

11. This shot is not perfect, but I love the way that Big Murph looks here. The team was in early warmups at Valpo, and Murph was just chilling.

10. Here is Murph doing just the opposite as the photo above. After the big win at Bradley that put the Sycamores out of the play in game in St. Louis the team had some fun. Here Murph puts on a little dance to celebrate. These moments where the players are having fun are what make this whole thing worthwhile. This was a fun moment to capture for sure.

9. The Brandon Murphy section of the countdown continues with this shot of a rebound battle against Drake. You can see just how rough that game was with just this one photo. It almost looks as if a punch had just been thrown. This is a rough game, and shots like this just prove that point.

8. This was the last year that I will get to photograph Brenton Scott. I feel like I have been photographing him forever. I started my college basketball career photographing his twin brother Bryson at Purdue. Brenton though was a pleasure to photograph. He always gave his all, and that really showed in the photos. He was good for a few great photos every game.

7. Qiydar Davis is another player that made me look good. Here he starts the second half against Valpo with a great drive to the basket. Some players can play the game well, and some look good doing it. Qiydar does both of them. It was hard to make a bad picture of this guy.

6. Qiydar makes the list agin with this floater at Bradley. He was the hero of that game with his timely rebound and basket with just a couple of seconds left in the game. Here in the first half he drives to the basket looking good once again.

5. As I said before I had some fun shooting wide at Arch Madness in St. Louis. In the first half I had my 11-24mm lens at my feet triggered by the camera in my hands. I have two versions of this shot with this wide one, and the tight version that was hand held. I love how this one turned out. Going wide during the tournament really helps set the scene for the tight shots that you make for most of the game.

4. Here is another moment where Brenton Scott put the team on his back. He really was the kind of player that could will his team to a win. Next year it will be very hard to replace that determination. He closed out his career 4th all time in points scored at ISU, and he put his name in the three point record books as well.

3. Speaking of the three point record books Brenton and his teammates rewrote them at Indiana to start the season. They came out firing in the first half, and never looked back as they ran Indiana out of their own gym. I will admit that my expectations for the season shot through the roof after that game. You could see the ceiling for this team when they were firing on all cylinders. They were so hot that I thought those dusty banners in the background would catch fire.

2. After the Valpo win to close out the 2017 portion of the schedule the team was 1-0 in conference. Here they celebrate a bit in the locker room. I have always loved the pure joy on the faces here. As I said before these are the shots that make everything worthwhile during the season.

  1. This was a shot that I did not plan at all. I was waiting for the team to stack it up with the lit up Braves sign in the background. They didn’t though as they started watching the Bradley intro. The light from that intro on the scoreboard lit the team up very nicely for me. This is one of those ‘accidental’ shots that I like so much. You can’t plan for it, but when it happens you are very glad that it did.

So there are my favorite shots from this past season. This was an extremely fun year covering this team. The season did not finish how we hoped that it would, but the ride was a fun one. I can’t wait to see the schedule when it comes out next season to see just where the ride will take me next year. This team will be scary good when the conference season rolls around.


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