Scenes From St. Louis

Walking Around St. Louis

One advantage to playing the last game of the night is the fact that I had some time to explore St. Louis a bit. Last year I did not plan any time to do that, and I ended up with no pictures of the city. Part of the fun of traveling to cover sports is walking around the new places that I get to visit. This is a photo that I have wanted to make since 2009. I travelled to St. Louis to watch a couple of games on my birthday weekend that year. I made pretty much this exact photo with my Blackberry at the time, but I have always wanted to re-do the photo with my dSLR. I got that chance this week to do so. One of these years ISU will make a deep run in the tournament, and I will be able to really get to know this town.

Just Get Lower

I walked a few steps away from the photo at the top of the post to make this photo. I wanted just the courthouse and the arch in my frame. The trouble was that there were some annoying cars in the foreground. I used a technique that I used many times over the weekend at my events and I put the camera near the ground. That lower perspective got rid of the cars, and made the image more pleasing to me. It was never an award winner, but it was still fun to make.

The Week In Photos

Last weeks post was mostly my basketball shots from the weekend. I did get some travel shots in there including the two in this post. If you want to see more of my work from last week you can by clicking here.


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