Spare Time During A Tournament

What to Do When You Have Some Extra Time

This past weekend I shot part of two tournaments. I shot the Friday events at the MVC Tournament in St. Louis, and the opening day of the Big East women’s tournament. When you are at a tournament you end up with some downtime to fill. I will usually fill that downtime shooting if there are spots on the baseline available. Why not? Tournament time is full of action and emotion so why not soak all of it in while you can? During the MVC Tournament I saw almost an entire baseline open for the Bradley and Drake game so I walked out of the media room to shoot a little of it. It allowed me to make sure that my settings were dialed in, and also get warmed up a little. The great finish was also very fun to photograph.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week to make some photos. I had the four main jobs that I was assigned to do along with some of the fun shots like you see in this post. You can view some of my favorite pictures from last week here on my Exposure page.

Downtime At The Big East Tournament

While in Chicago I had some time in between my men’s game and my women’s game. Butler and Providence were playing a heck of a game at the time, and there were only two photographers on the court. One on each baseline. How can that be? I made my way out onto the floor and started playing a bit. With no outlet for my images I decided to play the how low can I go game. I started lowering my shutter speed until I could not make a usable image. The image above was made at 1/20th of a second, and involved a lot of luck. Everything was moving but the ball here, and the Big East logo was facing me. These are the fun little accidents that you can only get by trying.


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