Indiana State Battles Drake in MVC Play

Indiana State Loses a Hard Fought Battle Against Drake

Last night I was back in Terre Haute for the second straight day to cover Indiana State basketball. This time it was for the Indiana State men’s team as they battled Drake who was sitting atop the conference. It is early in the season, but Drake is looking good so far. Last night Indiana State came out a little cold in the first half and found them selves down ten at the break. They played a very good second half though, but could never seem to get closer than three. That is what they ultimately lost by. They still gave the crowd at the Hulman Center quite a thrill as they battled back. This team has some great pieces that by tournament time I think will be scary.

Go Brenton Go!

Man did Brenton Scott fill up the stat sheet yesterday! We know that he can score. He did that yesterday with 25 points. He also had seven steals which led to many of those points for him. When he plays within the game he is a hard man to deal with. This team feeds off of that energy that he brings, and that is what will decide how this season will go.

Giving It Your All

The Sycamores lost yesterday. You really can’t fault the second half effort that they gave though. That half was some of the most fun that I have had photographing basketball this year. This is the start of a fun photo sequence from the day. Jordan Barnes has become a target for opposing teams. I felt they held him down a bit yesterday. The good news is that he scored 14 being held down. He plays the game hard and that is why he is so much fun to cover. Here he chases a loose ball down in the second half. He ended up horizontal in the air throwing the ball back in play and landed next to me. It was a great effort that I am sure that he is feeling the effects of today. If you click on the photo and then scroll to the left you can see my full sequence. For some reason I missed focus a little on the third and what would have been the best frame in this sequence. I had him right where my focus point was, but I didn’t track him. I left them in the gallery because of the effort though.


Brandon Murphy scored a career high 16 points yesterday as Drake really had no answer for him. He had a couple of monster dunks, but of course he was facing the other direction for all of them. I caught a little of his face here so it became the image that was used. I think instead of talking x’s and o’s prior to the next game we need to talk about photographic coverage and where to look when you dunk.

Shooting the Game A Bit Differently

Yesterday I went up top to photograph the intros and tip. I stayed in the corner for the start of the game until the first media timeout. I just wanted images that looked a little different. It seems that in basketball you start to just find a groove and you keep making the same images over and over. You can change up lenses, and to some extent your location as well. For the most part you can’t really get a different look.  I don’t know if I made any great images up there, but I did add something different from a  look standpoint. By the time the tournament comes I will be desperately looking for a new angle.

Going Wide

I love to show basketball wide. You can see everything going on around the person with the ball. I don’t go wide much at ISU because of the empty stands, but I do like throwing a few into the gallery. I just love the look when everyone is engaged in the play.


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