Indiana State Starts The Year Off With An Emotional Win

Indiana State Caps Off An Emotional Week With A Big Win Against Evansville

This was a rough week for the Indiana State women’s basketball team. Their coach resigned earlier in the week which cannot be easy for a team that is as close as this one appears to be. Add the flu making its rounds, and it could not have been a fun week around the program. Last night was fun though. A slow start to the first half put Indiana State in a hole at the half. They came out firing in the second half though and cruised to their first MVC win this year.

The Return of Ashley Taia

One huge addition to the Sycamores last night was Ashely Taia. I really have not seen her play yet this season. She injured her ankle early in the IUPUI game that I covered, and has not played in any of the home games that I have covered. She was back in Australia with her father who was battling cancer. You cannot imagine what she has been through over the last couple of months, but she sure had a smile on her face when she had the basketball last night. Taia is a game changer, and her addition will only help the Sycamores. It was good to see her back on the court.

A Win For Josh Keister

In his first game at the helm of the Sycamores Josh Keister picked up the win. This could not have been an easy week for Josh or the team, but they pulled it together and showed a little toughness in picking up the W. These kids are good kids, and I may have rooted more for them to pull out that win last night then I have for any team I have ever covered. I wanted that good feeling for the team. It was great to see them enjoy the moment.

A Great Night

By the time this post goes live I will be back in Terre Haute for a basketball and swimming doubleheader. That is fine with me as I had so much fun last night that I hope a little bit of that can carry over to today. The men’s basketball team has a tough opponent in Drake coming in. A win would not be easy, but it is not something unexpected for this team. It is cold outside so why not spend the day inside a warm Hulman Center?


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