Christmas At Purdue

Seeing the Christmas Decorations At The Purdue Memorial Union

For the last couple of years my daughter and I have gone to the Purdue Memorial Union to watch the President turn on the Christmas tree lights. This year her school got out a little later so we missed the ceremony, but we still stopped by to check out the tree and the gingerbread house. While we were there we went to Pappy’s Sweet Shop for some lunch so that the gingerbread house would still be standing when we left. We have seen what hungry kids can do to it when they are left alone. It will not be the last time that we visit the tree this year, but it is always more fun the first time.

Using the Light That You Have

The light during the ceremony is always poor. You have direct sunlight hitting the tree making a good exposure impossible. I rarely make photos of the tree while there, but I like to get some details and document the fun Lanie is having. I will visit the tree again at night when the light is better to make my annual photo of it. The table with the switch to turn on the lights is always well decorated, and the light from outside really gave me an interesting look here. I would not have gotten that later in the day. Sometimes you have to take what you can get, and then come back when the light is better for you.

Turn The Page

I don’t think that this was what Bob Seger was writing about all those years ago. It was kind of fun to watch the husband turning the pages for his wife while she played. He has to know the music as well to know when it is time to turn. This was not the photo that I went to the union to make yesterday, but it is one that I liked.


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