Purdue Women’s Basketball Takes On Ball State

Purdue Takes on Ball State at Mackey Arena

Last night I was back in Mackey Arena for the second night in a row. It seems like it has been a while since I could have said that. When I had my season tickets six rows up from the court I think that I attended more women’s games then men’s games. I really love the way that the women’s game is played. Don’t get me wrong I love a night like Sunday night as well, but it seems like much more of an intimate game when the women play. The moves just always have translated to better pictures for me for whatever reason.

Camera On The Ground

For a couple of years now I have used the camera on the ground technique. If they would ever put a tilting screen on a pro dSLR this would be much easier than it is. Luckily I have gotten pretty good at knowing what my camera is pointed at. I use this when the team is on the other end to get the great floor reflections in my photos. It also makes the players look larger than life on my end of the court. For the last half of the 2nd quarter I just kept playing around with this technique. It is a fun way to shake things up. I could put a remote at my feet to do this exact thing, but when I am just playing around I will just use one camera. You really need to be patient to make this work. This was probably the only picture during that time doing this that I liked. The added bonus this year in Mackey is that you get the new bottom of the scoreboard in your shots.

Pete On Air Guitar

I used to know the different Pete’s much better than I do now. There is one that has to be a camera guy because he constantly used to swipe my camera to mess around. This particular Pete was having some fun during the TV timeout playing air guitar with his hammer. It is fun to see Pete engaging the crowd, and I always try and get at least one Pete picture in my gallery. Sometimes it doesn’t work out from where I am sitting. Other times He looks right at you to make a picture.

A Busy Week

This game was for fun, but also to try some things out. This will be a packed week. I have games Thursday, two Saturday, and maybe one on Sunday this week. Throw in my shoots other than sports and that translates into some fun. I really like being slammed, and this week I get my wish. I bet next week will be a good edition of The Week In Photos. While you wait for that take a look at last week’s edition here.


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