The 2017 Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree

The 2017 Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree Arrives

Each year when the Christmas tree arrives at the Purdue Memorial Union we head down to take a look at it. For the last couple of years my daughter and I have actually watched the tree lighting ceremony. The Purdue Christmas tree has been an annual event for the family. The photo of it has been something that I have been doing every year as well. Each year I usually have some new piece of gear that I want to use on it. In a way that was true this year as well. I had my Canon 5D Mark IV with me with the Canon 17-40mm lens. I really want to make a photo of the tree with my new 11-24mm lens, but when I made this I was walking through from a job, and I had on me what I did. Before the tree goes down this year I will stop by to make a photo with the 11-24mm lens.

Should I Make Them Move?

As I was set up for this shot I was walking to my car from a job on campus. I didn’t want to spend too much time at the Union, but I wanted to get the shot. I liked the idea of the people at the piano even though they would be a bit blurry. What I didn’t like was the two guys standing on the left side of the frame on their phones. I waited over fifteen minutes thinking that I would wait them out. I contemplated asking them to move, but who am I to say who can stand where? At the end something at the Union must have gotten out, and the area around the tree was filled with people. If I could get a little higher that could have been a shot, but I didn’t see it so I packed up and moved on with what I have. Do you ask others to move so that you can get a shot?

Using Aurora HDR Pro 2018

This is actually the first photo that I have made with the new Aurora HDR product. When I really got started into photography I used HDR on everything. I mean everything. I used Photomatix to make images of pizza, ornaments, and even a dog. I really liked a part of the look, and I sacrificed the rest of the image for that. I have since nearly quit using HDR programs. It has been a long time since I opened Photomatix which was my most used program. The in program HDR function in Lightroom really does the trick when I feel that I need to combine images. I do have Aurora HDR for some shots where I want to play a little though. This was one that I had an idea for when I made the photo. I like to combine the sharp and glow looks in Aurora for a picture with a little dreamy quality to it. I think that it worked well here, and gave me a different look than I have been making lately.


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