Purdue Celebrates 50 Years In Mackey Arena With A Big Ten Win

Celebrating 50 Years Of Mackey Arena In Style

When I got to Mackey Arena I knew that something cool was going to happen prior to the tip, but I had absolutely no idea what it was. In fact as the introductions were about to start I started to worry that I might have missed whatever it was. I was in the media room a little too long trying to see where the football team would be playing. Then the court came alive. The next five minutes were full of awesomeness as the court became a huge screen as the past fifty years. As the floor started to become the show I grabbed my 5D4 with the 24-105 on it and ran up the stairs to get a better view. Most of the five minutes did not photograph well because the rest of the arena was dark. I have some shots that I like, but they might be more for me. This shot of the end of the introductions was by far my favorite. If you have not seen the video yet head over to the BoilerBall twitter account here to check it out. We need to start a campaign to get this here full time. I would start it, but I am just a poor photographer trying to think of a way to get to the Bay Area by the end of the month.

Haas Puts the Team on His Back

If any player looks like he could have the whole team on his back it would be Isaac Haas. He scored 26 and moved past Carl Landry on the all time Purdue career scoring list. Isaac has been fun to watch over the last few years, and it is fun to watch him become the option at the end of the game. He has to be hard to stop, and I will always be good with just guessing that. I don’t think I would want to go up against him. I am getting too old and brittle for that.

Haarms Keeps the Party Going

I think that next game I will challenge myself. I will go into the game looking for a great celebration picture. The challenge will be that Matt Haarms cannot be in the photo. For the last couple of games he has always seemed to be in the picture of the good moments. I love making photos of him. I put out a special #4faves after the game with just Matt Haarms celebration shots. Looking at the Purdue gallery after the game they have a lot of them as well. It really is fun watching him play with the enthusiasm that he has.

2-0 For A Month

This season is an interesting one with two Big Ten games being played so early in the season. With the Big Ten Tournament being moved up a week it was something that they felt they needed to do. All that Purdue had to do was win two games, and they would be sitting pretty for about a month. They still have business to take care of, but the quest for another Big Ten title is off to a good start.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week. I can’t remember the last time that I saw the Purdue men’s team twice in the same week. Last year things just didn’t work out for me. This week I had a couple of things keep me in town so I was able to head down to Mackey. I had so much fun that I need to figure out how to get there more often. You can view my favorite photos of the week here. I have photos from two Purdue wins and a Christmas parade. My favorite picture of the week though has to be the one of my daughter at her dance recital.


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