First Scrimmage Of Fall Camp For The Indiana State Sycamores

The Indiana State Sycamores Scrimmage For The First Time This Fall

I was back in Terre Haute to photograph the first scrimmage of the fall for the Indiana State Sycamores yesterday. I have been having fun at the practices so I knew that the scrimmage would be fun as well. It was great to be around the team again. This is a fun bunch to be around as the energy is always high all of the time. The scrimmage format is not great for making photos though. With no real flow it is hard to predict what is coming at times. I like the practices much better as I am able to get right in there at times and make some photos that you normally can’t make during a game. This was a great practice for me though to get used to roaming the sidelines again. For a while I just spent my time moving with the team and choosing when to go to the back of the end zone. Photographers need practice too.

The Canon 11-24mm f/4 Lens For the Win

There are a few lenses that I think changed the game for me. One such moment was when I picked up my Canon 400mm f/2.8. It really allowed me to make some of the photos that I had only previously dreamt of making. When I picked up the Canon 11.24mm lens at the end of June I thought it was more of a novelty lens. I didn’t know how often I would be able to use it in my sports work. So far I have used it a lot in my sports work. I know that I am over using it, but during camp it works just fine. I think that when the season starts I will have it on me, but it won’t be part of my game kit. For pre and post game though it will work just fine.

Becoming Just Another Face

Later this season when the games start I will be doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff with the team. Part of being around during camp is to help the players get used to a photographer around so that when I show up in the locker room I won’t be a distraction. Right now this looks like it will be a fun and historic season. With a new coach and a new attitude it will be fun to document how this team responds.

What Is Next For Me?

Right now I don’t think that I will see the Sycamores football team again before their home opener under the lights on August 31st. This coming week will have a lot of soccer in it. I will photograph the Xavier men’s soccer team at Indiana on Monday, and then the Sycamore women’s home opener under the lights Friday night.


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