Sunset Over Purdue

Flying My DJI Phantom 4 Pro Over The Campus Of Purdue

Here is a photo I made shortly after I got my drone. It was my first time flying around campus, and I had a very short flight. In that short timespan though I was able to make some photos that I really like. Several of those have already appeared on this blog. This was one that I liked, but it kind of just got lost in the shuffle when looking at the rest of the photos. I love the way that by going up just a little bit you can really get a sense of the campus. I need to get out and photograph campus more often then I already do.

I May Need To Hurry

As I talked about last week the city of West Lafayette wants to ban drones. I don’t have a lot to go on, but from the language that was used by officials in the article that I read this seems to be a decision made in fear. They don’t understand the technology so it is just easier to ban drones. They had a council meeting to vote on the resolution last Monday, but tabled it which I think is the right idea. Right now almost every square inch of the city is technically a no fly zone unless you inform the tower. I think that some regulations do need to be made on drones. I don’t think that knee jerk reactions need to happen though. There is a way for everyone to be happy and more importantly safe when it comes to the use of drones.


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