The Chicago Skyline Sunset

Revisiting A Fun Day Photographing The Chicago Skyline

Last month I spent a couple of days up north for one purpose. My friend the world renowned photographer Trevor Mahlmann set up a cool photoshoot where he made the sun set behind the Chicago skyline. It was a fun shoot where I was able to meet some great people. This shot was from the second night when things didn’t exactly go according to plan. We never did get to see the sun set behind the skyline, but as this scene was unfolding in front of us I knew that if this was the only shot I got that night it would be worth it. Photography is a fun hobby that is normally enjoyed alone. It is much more fun when you are with others though. This was one of those times.

Keeping It Aside For A Reason

When I made this photo I liked it, and I knew that I liked it, but I knew that I did not like one part of the photo. The water in front of the skyline was very choppy and of course frozen with a high shutter speed. I was shooting at 1/250th of a second to freeze the bird, but I froze the water as well. I wanted a smoother look that a slow shutter speed would have given me. Luckily there is a blur tool in Photoshop that does just that. That little change was all that it needed for me so now it can be published. I need to get back up there to photograph this more often even when Trevor doesn’t have the sun pass behind the city.


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