Purdue Soccer Defeats #18 Notre Dame

Back The Saddle Again

Yesterday I drove over to South Bend to see the Purdue soccer team take on Notre Dame. This was the first game that I have picked up my 400mm f/2.8 since Louisville knocked Xavier out of the NCAA baseball tournament in early June. It was great to get back out and use the long glass again. With fall sports really starting to kick up I will be back to using it all of the time. This was a crazy summer though so it was great to get back to using the lens. It was also great to see the Purdue soccer team play again. Usually at this time I have already seen the team play in the alumni game. This year I was booked at a track meet so I could not attend the game. It was great to see the team in action again.

Purdue Takes Down #18 Notre Dame

Going into this game I was not sure what to think. To be honest I started the game on the Purdue end of the field, but I fully expected to move towards the other end as I thought the game would be played down there. Early on that was the case. I didn’t make a photo for the first part of the game. Then Purdue started getting through the Notre Dame defense. They had some good chances in the first half as did Notre Dame, but neither team could score. With two goals in the second half Purdue took the exhibition win. These games are hard to judge though as you don’t know who was playing where for each team. It is a good win though, and Purdue looked good doing it.

Capturing the Jube

I don’t know when exactly I first heard the word jube. It is a shortened version of jubilation, and it is what I like to capture. During the game there were a couple of great times to capture the emotion of the game. When freshman Sarah Griffin scored we had a great moment with senior Maddy Williams jumping into her arms. Then Maddy scored a goal of her own, and it was a great celebration. As the game ended I thought I was done shooting. Then I saw some of the players having one last go around. That is when I made one of my favorite photos of the day. You really always have to be looking. With this team there is always some emotion to photograph.

The First of Many?

Last year it seemed like I was booked for many of the Purdue soccer games. I love photographing soccer, and I didn’t get a lot of opportunities to do so. This year I have a couple of matches away from Purdue planned, and my next planned Purdue game is when Indiana State comes to town at the end of the month. Next week I will head to Indiana to photograph the Xavier soccer team as they start their season. Soccer can be incredibly fun to photograph so I will make the most out of what I get to photograph this year. I already have more games booked this year than all of last year so that is a very good thing.

More Photos From the Game

You can view my full gallery from the game here. It was a fun day, and I hope that it showed in my photos.


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