Purposefully Lost

Getting Lost Among The Windmills

When this blog started I did not really know the area too well. I had gone to school at Purdue, but I never really left campus very much. When I moved back I had a new passion for photography, a photo 365 project to fulfill, and no knowledge of the area. I would drive to get lost on purpose to see what I could find. If you have followed this blog from the beginning (if you have I would like to both thank you and apologize) then you know that I used to spend a lot of time out at the windmills. With a little time on my hands last night I went back out there to see what I could find. Once again I just drove towards what I thought would be good light. I generally know where I am headed, but I don’t know what will be there when I get there. That is part of the fun of those types of trips.

Making Sure You Can Visit the Spot Again

One way that I used to mark my favorite shooting locations was to make a cell phone photo at the same time as my dSLR photo. The cell phone will record your location, and you can copy that data over in Lightroom. Last night was all about the chase though so I just concentrated on photos that I would publish at some point. The golden light does not last very long so I tried to take advantage of it.

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