Above The Windmills

Flying Among the Windmills

When I was out making my photos for the post yesterday I also had my drone in the car. When I left my house to head out to the windmills the sky was full of those thunderheads that I thought would look amazing as the sun made its way down. Here you can see a couple of them still in the sky. They quickly moved out but a few of them remained. I love the way the light was falling on the windmills so I decided to take the drone up. It is nearly impossible to time all of the windmills in a good position. It is even harder with the slight delay when flying a drone. With a little thought though it can be done. When you are photographing people they always say you should be at eye level. I think that you can make some good photos when you are at the same level as the windmills as well.

A Familiar View

During the winter when my drone was fairly new I went out to the windmills to make some photos.  I found a drainage ditch that I used to photograph early on in my photography and tried a straight down view of it. I thought that it looked amazing during the dead of winter. You can view that post here. I thought that it would be fun to try the same look again with the corn just before harvesting. I love to visit and re-visit scenes in different seasons to see the change. From the air it is especially cool.

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