Flying Over Purdue Again

Flying the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Over the Purdue Engineering Fountain

When I made the photo from yesterdays post I also had my DJI Phantom 4 Pro with me. The sky did not quite pop like I thought that it would, but it still looked pretty nice. Looking to the north I had some decent color in the sky. It was enough to make the photo that you see above. I love the way that the buildings start to stack up on themselves a little as you gain a little height.

Aurora HDR Pro

This photo was pretty much made in Aurora HDR Pro. I took my five files that I made in auto bracketing mode into Aurora to put them together. The beauty of Aurora is that you can do most of your edit right there. You can do any masking that is needed to make the final photo. In the old days of Photomatix it took many steps in many different programs to get the file that I wanted. Here I got it all done in one program.

A New Update

I have recently updated my portfolio over on my website here. By clicking on the link it will take you directly to my Purdue section which has really improved this year. For some reason I really took the campus for granted in the past. Head on over and take a look at how it looks now. I have moved my non-sports photos to the top of the page to show them off a little bit more.


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