The Ocean City Ferris Wheel at Blue Hour

Waiting For the Perfect Time to Photograph the Ocean City Ferris Wheel

While in Ocean City I am on vacation with my family. I have to constantly remember that. There are times when I just want to go out and chase the light. The fun really though is right in front of me with my family. Sometimes things work out to where I can have both. This was one of those situations. We were sitting on a bench eating some ice cream on the boardwalk when I saw the beautiful light over the Atlantic Ocean. I knew that I had a picture here, and all that I had to do was walk a few feet to get it. I really wanted to wait a couple of minutes for the roller coaster to come through, but by then it was time to go to the mirror maze.

Just a Little Patience

Of course as I got a few steps away I heard the roller coaster take off. Had I just waited another minute I would have had my shot. I made the shot from where I was, and thought about how cool it would have been from where I started out shooting. Then I thought about the fact that this was never going to be a gallery shot anyway so I got two looks at this scene. This was still a fun moment with the family that I was glad they were able to share in.

Fast Time in Ocean City

My oldest calls the time lapse feature on the phone fast time. I guess if you stop and think about it she is not too wrong. I really never had used the time lapse feature much on the phone before. While stuck in the airport for a few hours I got bored and started trying it. By the time we were in Ocean City I was thinking of new ways to use it. It was all filler for a family video, but I thought that I would piece together some of the clips into one big time lapse clip for you to see. We will see how I end up using this in the future. It has some possibilities for sure to make some cool content.


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