The Purdue Engineering Fountain With Macphun Luminar

Another Look at the Purdue Engineering Fountain

A couple of nights ago I saw some interesting clouds coming in so I decided to head over to the Purdue Engineering fountain to see what I could do with them. As it turned out they were the only clouds in the sky so I had to move towards them instead of framing my own shot. I don’t know that this is an award winning photograph, but it is fun to play around with new ways to shoot familiar subjects.

Using Macphun Luminar

I have been hearing good things about Luminar by Macphun. I am familiar with their software as I use Aurora HDR Pro for some of my HDR work. I love how you can do most of the Lightroom adjustments in Aurora, and then do some masking in the same program. Luminar allows me to do many of the same things all in one program. With some of the presets that they give or you can download it also takes the place of some of the Nik Software programs that will be gone soon. I have only really started using the software, but for some images it might be the way to go. During a flash sale I picked it up for $30 so it is worth the price for sure.

A New Update

I have recently updated my portfolio over on my website here. By clicking on the link it will take you directly to my Purdue section which has really improved this year. For some reason I really took the campus for granted in the past. Head on over and take a look at how it looks now. I have moved my non-sports photos to the top of the page to show them off a little bit more.


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