My Favorite Basket

The Basket Where I Learned to Play

A couple of years ago I started a project photographing basketball hoops in Indiana. It is not a novel idea, but one that I have enjoyed. This is the hoop that started that line of thinking. I was playing some basketball while hanging out back home, and I wondered where did other kids and adults get their start? At some point I will take this project a little more seriously, but for now I realized that I needed the hoop where I started. This year I have made a point to shoot for free for less. That just doesn’t ever seem to pay off in the end. Instead of doing that I can have a little free time to work on a couple of side projects that I have been working on.

A Cool Setup

I really was lucky with the setup that I had for basketball. When we first moved into that house in the 80’s I did not have a hoop. I walked down the street to the one there. When the pool was put in so was this 30×40 pad for the basketball court. I think the plan was always to put a shed up when I was down playing basketball there. As of right now I still am not done playing on that court. It has seen many tournaments and games of one on one, and I think that it still has a couple left in it. If the house sells a whole new generation can play on it. I was trying to think of how many thousands of shots that I put up here. Then I started thinking that I might be selling myself short. I may have put up a seven figure number of shots here.

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