Over the Fountain

Hanging Out Over the Purdue Engineering Fountain

I have had some fun this year with my drone. It has allowed me to be able to get a whole new view on a lot of familiar subjects to me. This was one of my early drone photos on campus. On this day I had made some cool shadow photos, and a photo of the bell tower that I really liked. This one never had a chance to see the light of day on this blog right away. It is a cool look at the fountain though.

Six Months With the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

It has been about six months since I bought my drone. At first I was very pleased to be able to fly it as much as I did with the mild winter. I flew it everywhere and made photos of everything. I knew that right away I would overuse the drone. That is why I made a special file on my website for the pictures that I made with it. As time has gone on I have used it less, but I think I have used it when I needed to rather than finding a use for it. It is a great tool to have in the bag for sure.