Coming In Waves

Storms at Sunset

I love to watch storms roll in, and I love sunsets. When they both happen together it is a magical thing. Last night we were unpacking our things after a day at the lake when it looked like it could be a cool sunset. I got my drone out to take it up, and when I looked again it looked like it could rain. By the time I powered up the drone it started to rain really hard. I waited out the quick downpour, and right at the end of it a great rainbow popped up. I made a couple of photos of it with my dSLR, but then it was barely raining so I took up the drone. I pointed it towards where the rainbow was, and at first I was disappointed that it was only a partial rainbow. Then I noticed the cloud next to it, and I was not upset anymore. The cloud looked like a huge wave crashing down with the rainbow in the wake. This was cool enough that I forgot all about the full rainbow.

Looking the Other Way

I usually preach about looking the other way during a sunset. When you are looking at the sunset you might be missing something behind you. The rainbow and the cloud were actually opposite the sunset last night. No matter which way you looked last night you could not go wrong. The photo above this one is looking right into the sunset. Another cell moving in made for an awesome sight.

From The Ground

Above is one of my photos I made before I took the drone up. It is not as impressive as the photos from the air, but in a heavy rain it was all that I could do. If I did not get up in the air with my drone at least I would have had something this way. You can even see the double rainbow that was starting to form before the sun started to go behind the clouds again.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a big baseball week for me. I was able to photograph the Big Ten Tournament for the first time. This coming week I will be photographing Xavier in the NCAA Tournament for the second year in a row. The college baseball season for me is drawing to a close so I will get as much of it in as I can over the next couple of weeks. You can view some of my favorite photos from last week here.


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