Indiana State Baseball Defeats Ball State

Indiana State Uses A Couple of Home Runs to Defeat Ball State

Indiana State beat Ball State on the back of a couple of three run bombs Tuesday night. This team seems to be peaking at the right time to make a run in the MVC Tournament. With the right matchups anything could happen. The team seems to have it all right now with the hitting and pitching working well together. On a day with the wind blowing out the ISU pitchers did a good job of keeping the score low.

My Last Indiana State game of the Year?

This could have been the last Indiana State game that I shoot this year. If it was it was a great finale to a fun year photographing for the Sycamores. The year started off with the trip to Minnesota with the football team, and may have just ended Thursday night with a fun win for the baseball team. In between were some great moments. Next year is already shaping up to be a fun one. A football season opener under the lights followed by a trip to Tennessee to take on the Volunteers. It is hard to look ahead to the fall now, but with that much fun waiting it is hard not to.

Sean Kennedy Does It Again

It seems like every time that I see Ball State play Sean Kennedy hits a dinger. He really has been a fun player to cover this year. As I photograph him I wonder if I will see him again someday in a MiLB or Major League game. He is a gamer for sure. It will be interesting to see where he goes after he leaves Ball State.

My Last Ball State Game

A while back with no baseball work coming in I took a three game deal to shoot for Ball State. I would start with a game at Purdue, then the Victory Field game against IU, and finally this late season game against ISU. I really had fun photographing the Cardinals, and the team couldn’t have been nicer. That goes from the top down. They were great to work with, and I hope that I get the chance to do it again sometime. It is always nice to photograph for good people who appreciate you, and help you succeed.

Late Game Fun

Late in the game the score is decided and I have the photos that I need. With nothing really going on in the field I started to look to the dugout. On the end of the dugout I saw pitcher Tyler Ward chewing some gum. With a little patience I waited for him to blow a bubble. These are the kind of shots that are not expected when I shoot a game. They are fun to make though, and fun for the team and players. Lately I have been stressing the details, and this is part of that.

What is Next For My Baseball Season?

Right now that is a great question. I have some things that could be fun to do, but I just need some things to go my way. A trip to Bloomington to photograph the Big Ten Tournament would be great fun. It would be more fun with the Boilermakers in it making some noise. They have to win a couple against a tough Minnesota team I think for that to happen. As the month goes on the college summer ball leagues will be starting up. We have a team here in Lafayette and one in Kokomo that I occasionally shoot for. I can’t get enough baseball so I am sure that I will find myself down there as the season goes on. I have a big MiLB road trip planned for this summer as well. I will be able to cross some things off of my list as a fan while getting some shots that are needed. It is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. The NCAA Tournament is also just around the corner, and I usually find myself shooting some baseball somewhere. Right now it looks like if I want to stay closer to home that I will end up in Kentucky.


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