The Disney Temple of Heaven

Touring the World at Epcot

At this point in my life I don’t have the following as some photographers do to get out and travel to many countries. I just mainly photograph the things around me. When I get a chance to at least pretend on some small scale that I am traveling the world it is very exciting. One place to have some fun is Epcot where in just a few short hours you can see replicas of many of the great structures of the world. This version of the ‘Temple of Heaven’ is a just beautiful, and it makes me want to see the real thing in person someday.

Beautiful on the Inside and Out

Just like the real thing this temple is beautiful inside and out. This photo has appeared on the blog in the past as a photo of the day, but I thought that I would include it again here. I love the intricacies of the inside of this temple. As the kids were waiting in line to get their passports stamped I made this image. If you have to wait in line you might as well have a great view.

What is Real and What is Not?

The attention to detail the Disney pays to everything is amazing. That is one of the takeaways that I had when I first re-visited the park as an adult. This is a company that has everything down to a science. They really transport you to another place by taking away many of the worries that you might have. Don’t want to carry cash? They put your info on your wristband. The parks are constantly changing, and I have a feeling that it won’t be long before we find our way back.




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