Down the Tracks

Looking Down at the Tracks Near the Davis Ferry Bridge

A while back I showed a photo of this same bridge over the Wabash River from a different angle. I put the bridge in the middle of the frame going straight across. While I was 300 feet above it I decided to see what the photo would look like with the bridge moving diagonally across the frame. I still am not too sure how much I like this look. I am an order person, and this photo is not really in order. It is interesting to me though. Maybe that is because of the way that the bridge moves through it. It was a fun few minutes over the bridge, and one that was very productive for me.

Looking Down on the Earth

The one view that really has amazed me with the drone is looking straight down on things. Maybe it is the fact that we cannot fly that makes it so cool to fly over things with the drone. The top down view is one that I make every time that I take the drone out, and I still am not tired of it. It has a way of neatly simplifying anything.


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