Brett Hull at the Scottrade Center

The Brett Hull Statue at the Scottrade Center

When I was at Arch Madness at the Scottrade Center earlier this month I had a goal of making some nice images of the hockey players outside of it. I made it to the stadium a little early on day one with that in mind. As it turns out my team only made it to day one so it was a good thing that I did get there early on the first day. You can read a little more on the game the Sycamores had here. I made some photos of the stadium overall, and then I started focusing on the statues. I started with the Al MacInnis statue, and you can see that photo and read the story behind it here. I then set my sights on the Brett Hull statue. I made the photo above first focusing on the obvious front of the statue along with the Scottrade Center behind it. The beautiful sky reflects nicely off of the building making for a nice image. The pose of the statue gave me another idea as well.

Finding Another View

As I did with the Al MacInnis statue I worked this one a little as well. I walked around the statue and found this spot where I could get the pose of Brett along with the setting sun in the same shot. For a moment the sun came out so I stopped down to f/16 to try for a starburst, but of course the sun went back into the cloud. It was still a cool shot though as some of the rays were coming out of the cloud. This was not the obvious shot to me, but I was glad that I made it after I walked away. I took one of my regrets from last season and turned them into one of the positives from this season.

The Week in Photos

Last week was another week with no sports in it. At this point the seasons are changing and very little is happening near me. You can view my favorite photos from last week here. The NCAA Tournament is near though, and it is always fun to guess who will be near me. Then once the teams are selected finding out who is bringing their staff photographer, and who is not. This year I think that I will be shutout of tournament action. Last year I scheduled a weekend of baseball during the first weekend of the tournament. It looks like I will be shooting baseball again this season.


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