The Calm Before the Storm

Mackey Arena Sits Waiting For March Madness

Last night I thought that the sky was going to light up at sunset so I started driving to campus to see what I could find for a photo. As I came up on Mackey Arena I thought that I had the perfect subject. Now that March Madness has nearly begun the stadium will not host any more games this year. The home of the Boilermakers sits and waits for the games to begin. The golden light of the building plays very nicely with the blue sky of blue hour so I knew that there was a photo here.

Finally Trying Out an Idea

I have had an idea for a picture for a long time. Ever since they built the high rise across the street from Mackey I have wanted to go up on the roof of it fora  photo. In my mind Mackey, Ross Ade, and the water tower would all stack up very nice with each other. Now that I have my drone I don’t need roof access to try out the photo. Once I was up in the air I realized that the photo didn’t work quite like I thought that it would, but it still looked pretty nice. Thick clouds moved in at sunset preventing the sky that I thought I was going to have. When the conditions are right I will try this again, and I think that I will have a much more interesting photo. I am glad that I was able to finally see how this looked though.

It All Goes By So Fast

It is hard to believe it, but this time four years ago I was shooting my first games for money. Purdue was hosting the first round of the NCAA women’s tournament, and I was shooting for both Purdue and Oklahoma State. Before the start of the first game I was as nervous as I have ever been for an event. My first gig is the postseason! What if I screw up? Once the ball was tipped though it was just a basketball game that I had to cover. That time shooting for Purdue was the only time that I have shot for the women’s team. If I think about it too much that would probably depress me. I have not looked back at the photos in a while, but they must not have been very good if I never got asked to do it again for them. In those four years since my first paid gig I have had some pretty cool events come my way. That is what is really hard to believe. I think that I have been very lucky with how things have turned out. I really progressed pretty quickly from where I started to where I am now. This has been a fun ride, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

Fibonacci Mackey

When I was flying over Mackey I knew that I wasn’t going to include the entire stadium in the photo. I had the idea from seeing other shots of the stadium not to show the whole thing. As I started to see the stadium on my screen I realized that the snow pattern was nearly the fibonacci spiral. It was not quite there, but my mind was filling in the gaps for me. I still have an idea for the stadium, but I have to get there in a little different light. Another project for another day.


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