Bittinger Stadium By Air and Ground

Photographing Bittinger Stadium From the Air

Last night I went out to Bittinger Stadium close to sunset to get some shots of it from the air and from the ground. I really had the idea of getting some photographs from the air. The slight change in angle I thought would really look good. With the sun going down over the first base dugout my choice to position myself was an easy one. I was standing on the mound in center field flying my drone in left field. I love all of the colors here. The oranges and blues play nicely together up top while the green grass looks ready to play on at the bottom of the frame. I have had a blast with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and the ability to make shots like this one are why I bought it.

Photographing Bittinger Stadium From the Ground

While I was up in the air I also had a tripod that I set up prior to taking flight with my drone. The photo above I actually made handheld before setting up a tighter shot and putting the camera on a tripod. I wanted a much wider shot to start off, and the camera in center field gets in the way of that from the hill. It was fun waiting for my shot on the ground to develop while flying the drone in the air. I still do use my Canon cameras, although I don’t talk about them as much. They can’t fly like my DJI Phantom 4 Pro can.

Having Everything That You Need

One thing that is nice now is that since I bought my Think Tank Airport Helipak backpack is that I have one spot to place all of my equipment while out shooting. I tested it for the first time at the potholes and at the Williamsport Falls earlier in the week, and it worked great. I was able to carry my quadcopter along with a basic camera kit. That makes it easy to use both cameras at the same time. When I travel on vacation this summer this will be the only bag that I bring along. It will make it on the plane, and it will be able to carry all of my gear that I need for my vacation.

The ‘Lost’ Weekend

This weekend is what I call a lost weekend. For most of the week I thought that I would be out of town this weekend. I had two clients deep into talks about my services for most of the week. It was to the point that I was thinking that whichever one said yes first was the one I would go with, and the other one I would have to say I am sorry to. Of course as it does sometimes they both went another way leaving me with a weekend with nothing on the schedule. When this happens I am always restless because I feel that I should be shooting. I spent too much time pacing around the house today before finally going out to photograph the sunset. It is not truly a lost weekend as I got to spend time at home before most likely traveling again next weekend, but it feels like it. There is a sense of something missing until I make some photos. It is a weird feeling to describe, but if you have ever gone through it then you know what I mean. That is part of being a freelancer though. Hopefully I will be tired from making photos next weekend.


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