Flying Past the Potholes

Using the DJI Phantom 4 Pro at the Potholes

One site that I never get to enough is the potholes near Attica, Indiana. This is a unique geographical area where the water has made a very cool path through a ravine. I have seen many photographs of it from different angles, but none from above. I wanted to take my DJI Phantom 4 Pro over the top to get that top down look. I think that you could really get a good view of them that way. The light was not cooperating though as the sun came out ruining my idea. That is okay as it just means that I will have to go back and try again! The best part about photography is that sometimes even a fail is a win. You an make a couple of pictures that you like, but the main photo that you had in mind doesn’t work out. Now I get to go back and give it another try on another day. I think that I will have a better plan this time to fly a little safer through the tree obstacle course.

Using the Lee Big Stopper to Create Ghost Water

One thing that I don’t use enough is my Lee Big Stopper. A few years ago this was a must have for me. I was always out somewhere that I could have used it. Of course when I finally got one I was always shooting sports, and not using the Big Stopper. This year I need to get it out more. It has a permanent place in my quadcopter bag which is always with me so I won’t have any excuses. Here it adds a little to what would have been a rather boring photo.

Taking a Different Path

When I was making the above photo I was thinking about how most of the water takes the same path over the rocks here. In fact it has done it for so long that it has cut that path into the rock. Only a small portion of the water comes down a different way. I thought that this is a perfect metaphor for the last couple of years in photography for me. I spent that time doing the same things over and over and banging my head into a wall trying to make something happen. This year I decided to pull back a bit and go back to photographing everything that is interesting to me. I have really had a great start to the year, and I have had a much easier time writing the blog when it is not constantly game recaps. I needed to get out of the rut to help make myself a more creative photographer. I would like to think that when I do shoot sports know that it shows a bit.


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