Williamsport Falls

Catching Williamsport Falls at a Good Time

Lately I have found myself back at a lot of places that I visited in 2011 and 2012 as I was getting serious about photography. These are the places where I learned a lot of the tricks that I use today. I think I have been doing it so that I can fly my drone over them to get a different vantage point. I made a few photos of the falls from many vantage points this time though. One thing that I have learned over time is that the photo that you think is great on site may not be the one when you get home. By exploring your options you find new angles that you may never have thought of. The composition above was one that I liked, but you lose scale this way. The water falls about 90 feet, and you cannot really tell that by this photo. A well placed person or identifiable object would help show that scale. I went to the falls with Trevor Mahlmann with the thought that the falls would be going good with all of the recent rain. We were right as we had a good stream to photograph.

Flying the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Over Williamsport Falls

One reason to head back was to use the DJI Phantom 4 Pro to try and capture a new angle of the falls. On my first visit the path was closed so my only photos were from the top of the trail head. Now I have many different angles to look at, and the drone really helps that out. I had this top down view in mind right away. I wanted to show the trail that the water has carved over time to get down to the bottom. It really is amazing the power water has over time.

Going Live on Facebook Again

I thought that this would be a great place to go live on Facebook from. It was a unique view, and something that many people may not know about. What I didn’t realize was just how much the sandstone walls would mess with my signal. Out of the four minutes or so I was live only about two minutes of that were archived. That meant that I was glitchy for about two minutes of the broadcast. The two minute video is concise, and at times seems like it was cut for time on purpose. Maybe Facebook knows that I am long winded and did that to save everyone time.

Leaving Something to the Imagination

One thing that I wanted to do on the shoot was to leave part of the falls out of the frame. Sometimes you can count on the person looking at your photos to finish what you have started. I have said it before, but I am a completionist. I like to see everything in my photos. I have been working this year to leave a little to the imagination. I think a photo like the one above is a good part of a story. It gets in a little closer to something that you know already. As a stand alone piece it could be interesting as well as you have to work on it a bit in your mind.


2 Replies to “Williamsport Falls”

  1. I’m enjoyong your exploits with the drone, and in combination with terrestrial camera (A new description: terrestrial camera!) Almost thought you would fly the drone BEHIND the falls! M 🙂

    1. I don’t have the guts to fly behind the falls yet. I like my drone too much, and I fly it way too carefully! Whenever I fly with someone else I find myself telling them to slow theirs down. It is kind of funny to me how careful I am with it.

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