A Traditional, Non-Traditional Call

Last weekend at the Indiana State Museum I made many pictures. You can see some of them here. Late in the day the girls noticed a group of people dressed in amazing clothes. My first thought was to make some photos of them. I quickly realized that it was a wedding party though, and I didn’t want to get in the way of the wedding photographers who were there. At one point while we were sitting and waiting to leave the bride walked to the middle of the bridge and made a phone call. I thought that this was an interesting moment so I made a quick photo of it. The bride in her traditional garments making a phone call with a non traditional device.

The Mission of 2017

This year I did not make any New Year’s Resolutions. I didn’t want to be tied to anything with my photography. At some point around January 20th though I made a pact with myself. I would create something new everyday. That something may never see the light of day, but I would still create it. This is the kind of resolution that I needed. I have been trying to be more open with my photography lately. I was trapped in this cycle of sports photography where people started to get the impression that sports was all that I can shoot. Making a point to make something everyday has really invigorated me. Sometimes the event is planned like a trip to the Williamsport Falls. Other times like the photo above I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.


About Pinola Photo

I am a sports and lifestyle photographer based in West Lafayette, IN home of Purdue University. I cover sports for Big Ten teams as well as other colleges. You can follow me on twitter @pinolaphoto. You can also view my website at www.davewegielphoto.net

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