Mr. Lincoln Welcomes You to the Lincoln Tomb

Greeted By Abraham Lincoln

On my way to St. Louis I went a little out of my way to stop by Abraham Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, Illinois. The tomb is located at the Oak Ridge Cemetery which also has some other interesting things to photograph. For this trip I had limited time so I just stuck to turning the tomb of the 16th President. When you pull up to the tomb you see a great monument to a great man. The first thing that you see when you walk inside of it is this view above. I knew that it would make for a great black and white image. The room was set up perfectly for a great high contrast black and white image. If the docents would have let me move the signs and other clutter this could have really been a great shot.

A Familiar Trip

In 2006 I made a trip to the Lincoln tomb with my old point and shoot camera. It was part of a fun day visiting the Lincoln sites, and then seeing a Purdue baseball doubleheader at Illinois that night. Of course the Big Ten does not play doubleheaders anymore which is great for the players, but as a fan I miss it. It made a single day road trip to see a team a little more worth your while.

The Week in Photos

Last week was a truly fun week. Tuesday night I had the chance to photograph the girls at their dance classes, and then head on over to see Purdue win the Big Ten conference in basketball. Of course the trip to St. Louis was a fun one as well. It was a fun week of making images yet again. This year I have decided to make something every day. The something I make may never see the light of day. That is part of the process though is to go for broke and try something that may not work. I have really grown as a person since I started taking my photography seriously a few years back. I have learned to shoot for me, and nobody else. Since I have started doing that I have really enjoyed what I do more, and I have had some cool opportunities as a photographer as well. You can see some of my favorite photographs from the past week here.

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