Warm Mornings in Ocean City

Thinking Back to Ocean City on a Winter Day

Each year I try and hold back a few photos from out time in Ocean City to edit in the winter. As the weather gets bad I want to have some nice warm photos to edit. This photo from a warm morning sunrise at the Ocean City pier is one of those. I just kind of left it in a folder to process when I felt that I needed a warm morning to do so. I love spending my mornings with the surf coming up to greet me. There is something about being there in pitch black, and leaving with the warm sun kissing you. I cannot wait to spend some time down there again this coming summer. I can feel the sand in my toes now just thinking about it.

Stretching Out the Waves

As I was photographing the pier that morning I wanted to show just how great the surf looked at my feet. I put my 8-15mm lens on my full frame camera to get an extreme wide angle look at the situation. With the pier in the distance I was probably at 14-15mm to limit the warping of the pier. Lightroom can help me fix that in post to a degree anyway. I took the camera off of the tripod and brought it down closer to the surf to get the look that you see above. That 8-15mm lens helped me stretch out the surf right in front of me a little bit. It gave me the look that I wanted for this photo. I wanted you to be able to feel the surf just as I did that morning. I love the ocean, and I cannot wait to get back.

My Favorite Photos From 2016

I went through the editing process on this photo in order to use it in my year end best of posts. I have had it in mind to edit, but I wanted to wait until a cold day to do so as I said above. I just like working on warm weather photos when it is cold outside. It is a little tip to get through winter. If you have not seen my best of 2016 Exposure page yet you can find that here. You can also check out the Best of 2016 category on the side bar for all of my blog posts going through my favorite images from this past year.