A Lost Tower

An Interesting Tower in Boston

For some reason when I saw this tower from my hotel room in Boston it looked out of place to me. It looked like something that should be in Europe. With that in mind I gave this photo a little different edit. It was shots like this that I had in mind when I packed my Canon 300 f/4 with me for the trip. It did not come in handy much, but it made a shot of a unique building possible. It is light enough that i didn’t notice it in my bag for most of the trip either. I normally like to know a little bit more about my subjects, but I never did quite get over to this tower to see what it was. Maybe that adds a little more to the mystery of this photo for me. I can fill in the mystery myself to create something that is probably much more interesting than what I would have found there.

Music to Blog By

Do you listen to music as you blog? I have different music that serves different purposes on the photographic journey. Certain music can take me to certain places. On the way to shoot a sporting event I usually have something very heavy on. Lately the new Metallica album Hardwired has been my choice on the way to a game. When I am looking for a location to shoot or when I am editing though I usually go much softer. I like selections from movie scores most of the time. As I am writing this Harvey Two-Face from the Dark Knight soundtrack is playing. It is one of my favorite Hans Zimmer pieces. There is so much there in one song, and it is just relaxing to listen to. Sometimes on a photo like the one above you can see what I am listening to by the way I have edited it. Some songs just inspire me to do something a little different. This is one of those times.


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