Purdue Basketball Defeats Wisky in the Annual T-Shirt Game

Mackey Looks Great For the Annual T-Shirt Game

Yesterday was a great day to make photos of Mackey Arena. The yearly t-shirt game is one that I always make a point to attend. Thankfully it was on a day that I could this year. I had a dinner lined up with my family at night, but I could still photograph the opening moments of the game to get the great look of Mackey with a cool design. Purdue Athletics if you have not noticed has really stepped things up that last few years. They have great promotions, and some great ideas to come out of them. The t-shirt game is one of those things that has been a tradition for me to photograph every since this blog was about my photo 365 project. That first design which I called the bumblebee is still my favorite. This one worked very well too. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for next season. With that said we can still look at a few photos from the game today.

The Boilermaker Light Show

This year another great idea was the light show that the fans put on before each game. I have not really taken the time to properly photograph it yet. The last few times I was in the arena I was shooting for the other team. I decided that with the great pattern as my background that it would be a great day to photograph it. I came up with a few photos that I liked from the light show, but the one above might be my favorite. It does not show off the lights as well as it could, but it does make this arena look spectacular. I love shooting in Mackey Arena, and I really need to do it more often. I had someone tell me that I didn’t care about Purdue basketball because I left when the game started yesterday. I think it is quite the opposite. I had something going on, but I made an effort to come down to just shoot the pregame. The baselines were so packed yesterday that I feel that so many images were made of the game that mine really were not needed. The pregame show was worth the long walk up and down the hill for.

The Boiler Brass Lights It Up

Last night the Boiler Brass came to the game wearing their neon. They looked great with the lights on, but when the lights went off they stole the show. The band really does make the college atmosphere the best atmosphere, and the Boiler Brass helps make Mackey the tough place that it is to play in.

Change of Plans

Prior to the game I went up scouting a location to shoot the anthem and the start of player introductions. I always end up picking the section that I used to sit in when I had season tickets. I started up the section to my spot when I saw Purdue designer and photographer Paul Sadler up there. If you don’t know Paul he is the one who designs a bunch of the great things that you see come out of Purdue including I would guess the pattern I was there to photograph. I was still going to shoot from that section, but then I realized that we would basically have the same photo. No reason for that so I moved over about a quarter of the arena to start things off. The photo above as well as the photo leading off the post were made from that new position. There is nothing wrong with getting a different view of things.

The Week in Photos

This week was a fun week. After a long layoff I was finally able to shoot swimming again. This past year or so has been fun getting to know some of the people at Xavier. I was also able to shoot my first Purdue women’s game on the right side of the court in over a month. Of course up above you can see that I had fun shooting the pregame portion of the Purdue basketball game yesterday too. When the weather was still good I also was having some fun making photos of our new dog Thor. This coming week will be a good one too. A lot of emotion on tap for Friday. This weekly project of mine is nearly a year old now. You can view my favorite photos from the past week here.


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