Colgate Women’s Basketball Visits Purdue

Photographing for the Colgate Women’s Team

One of the first jobs that I booked for this winter season was the Colgate game at Mackey. At the time I booked the game I had no idea just how busy I would be in the days leading up to the game. It was great to be back in Mackey Arena again though. It will probably be a couple of weeks until I make it back there again so I wanted to have some fun in there. Colgate was a worthy opponent for Purdue for much of this game. They really hung tough, and gave the fans something to worry about. As I said before it may be a while before I am back in Mackey. This coming week I have shoots at Indiana State and Butler. It will be nice to get back into Hinkle Fieldhouse to photograph a basketball game again. It really is a special place that is great to photograph in.

A Great Homecoming

One player on the Colgate squad had a little extra motivation coming into the game. Katie Curtis went to high school in Lebanon which is just down I-65 from Purdue. I am sure growing up that close that she had attended a game or two at Mackey Arena before. She had a career night close to home scoring 22 points. She almost single handedly at one point kept her team in the game. It had to be a good feeling for her with so many fans able to see her play. During warm ups I usually watch a team that I don’t know to get a feel for the players. You can usually tell who likes to shoot where in this time. The one player that I keyed on was Katie during that time. She couldn’t seem to miss, and had that little swagger to you that tells you she is the player. During the intros they said where she was from, and it all started to click for me. Most of my gallery that I sent in after the game had Katie in the photos, but she really was the one doing it all for much of the game.

The Week in Photos

This past week was a fun one for me. I made a lot of photos that I really liked in a few different places. My volleyball season came to an end, and I also shot my first Indiana State women’s basketball game of the year. The gallery will start to change into something a little closer looking to what it was when I started doing this last January. You can view some of my favorite photos from last week here.


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