Purdue Plays Missouri in the NCAA Volleyball Tournament

Purdue Faces a Tough Opponent on Their Home Court in the NCAA Tournament

This blog hurts a little to write. I chose not to the night of the tournament. Then yesterday came, and once again I chose not to write it. Now here it is Sunday morning, and I have to write it in order to post it. The Purdue volleyball season ended Friday night against a very good Missouri team on their home court. The loss was not an easy one to take. In fact I never let that possibility into my mind until near the end of the match. Had I been covering the events for a wire service or paper I would have thought it through for photo possibilities, but there was really nothing there for me in a loss shooting for the team. This was a fun team to cover. The season started with me attending the season opening scrimmage against the past Purdue players. From there I ended up covering more games this season then I ever have before. Heading out on the road with the team a couple of times was also a very fun and rewarding experience. While the season is over there is still a lot of hope out there. This team lost one senior this year. Fay was a great player and will be missed for sure. With that being said nearly all of this team is coming back next year. This is a team that had some impressive wins on the season. To be able to bring nearly that entire squad back next year older and wiser can only be a good thing. I think that this team will really make some noise next season, and I can’t wait to get into Holloway Gymnasium again to see them play.

More Photos From the NCAA Tournament in Missouri

Yesterdays blog post had a decent rant about the state of photography at Missouri, and Friday was even worse. At the end of the day I made the best of it though, and even snuck away to make some photos from the out of bounds areas. With that said that is over, and there are no excuses for photos from both days. I really did have a good time making photos of the games. You can find my photos from Thursday here, and the photos from Friday here. It is always a good thing to see your work in the middle of other great sports photography work on the Purdue Exposure page. They have a great team there, and to be a part of it every now and again is a very good thing. I have covered many NCAA Tournament games in many sports. It is always a good time. To cover the school that you graduated from though is another thing. It was an honor to be with the team in Missouri, and next year I hope that I can travel with them for a much longer duration in the tournament. With nearly everyone coming back this team should make some noise next year.

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